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A very important milestone in everyone’s lives, a wedding is an exciting, colourful, and emotional event. Top wedding photographers are always aware of the fact that behind all the glitter and glamour is a whole gamut of emotions that deserves to be captured and immortalized. A wedding photographer needs to understand these emotions well to be able to click evocative photographs.  

While the bride looks forward to a new chapter in her life, she suppresses her apprehensions, and jokes and laughs with the guests. Her parents are busy looking after all arrangements and making sure the guests are comfortable. But deep within, they wish they could hold on to this time a little longer. All along, their hearts ache with the realization that that their baby girl is all grown up and, in a few hours, will bid good bye to their house. The groom can’t wait to begin a new life, but wishes that the lady he loves wouldn’t have to give up so much to be with him. The groom’s parents are all excited to welcome a new member into the family, but can’t help but wonder how quickly their little boy has transformed into a man. Relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances – a wedding is an interesting event for everyone. It is a beautiful celebration of togetherness, love, and familial ties.

Wedding Photography DelhiCandid wedding photographers need to be able to relate to this complexity and capture these treasurable moments. Each moment is precious, and each action can give you a good shot. Best wedding photographers always stay on a lookout for such occasions. My goal as a wedding photographer is to eternalize the wedding for your family, and to click photographs powerful enough to transport your family back in time to the day of the wedding. I hope to be able to paint a complete picture of the wedding through my photographs.